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Climb the Mountain Debate Camp


Make sure your computer is setup right--Click Here

Pens and Print Paper

For New Debaters: Have our Scripts Printed (will be posted on the web page Jim Hanson will share with you).

It is good to have a phone accessible in case of internet problems.




Pen and Paper​

Laptop or Tablet

You, ready to engage!

Do I need a laptop?


LD: Laptop with Microsoft Word.

Public Forum, Congress, Speaking: You will access and use Google Documents.

Please be sure to have the latest updates and anti-virus/spyware software. Take time to check and do this. Don't infect others as you share documents!

Please put your name on your laptop and especially on your power charger.

We have a few laptops available for rent. Please bring a laptop if you have one.

Consider Bringing it Checklist

Note: NONE of the below items are required unless specifically noted; they are just suggested based on what previous students have told us.

OFFICE SUPPLIES—Consider Bringing It Checklist

_____ Several pens with black or dark blue ink (additional colors if you like multi-colored flowing).

_____ Several highlighters.

_____ Flowpaper (8.5 x 14 sized print paper)

Note: ALL EVIDENCE at the camp is prepared on a computer and turned in as an electronic file. You read files off of your computer in LD and Public Forum. In MS 3 on 3 Parli, you may use your laptop at our camp to prepare your flowsheets for your speeches (note, the files need to be printed when you participate at the SU tournaments during the year). In Extemp, you may use your laptop to prepare. In other speaking events, you prepare your manuscripts on your laptop. 

_____ Any additional debate supplies you normally use.

CLOTHES AND TOILETRIES— Consider Bringing It Checklist

We recommend mostly short sleeved shirts, shorts, tank-tops, etc. Weather-wise, expect it to be hot and dry for most of the camp with possibly a day or two of cooler weather; only a slight chance of one or two days of rain.

Classroom buildings tend to be a bit warmer in the summer months but are air conditioned. 

Dress is casual throughout the camp; you do not need to dress up at any time during the camp.

_____ Medications; emergency medications; athlete’s foot spray, ibuprofen/aspirin, cough drops. Prepare for anything.

_____ Chap stick, Lotion, Sunscreen. The weather can be hot and a bit dry during late July (usually it is in the high 70s, low 80s). If you come from a humid climate, you’ll need to adjust. A little tube of Vaseline is a good idea if you are prone to nose-bleeds.

_____ Feminine hygiene products.

_____ Eyeglasses, sunglasses (it is sunny and somewhat bright at camp), extra contact lens, contact solution.

_____ Comfortable shoes for walking. There isn't much walking but still.

_____ A backpack, book bag, or brief case can be helpful to carry laptops, books, materials.

TECH TO CARRY AROUND WITH YOU— Consider Bringing It Checklist

_____ A watch.

_____ Batteries?

_____ Smart phone? (be sure to turn off the sound during lectures unless you are expecting an emergency call)

_____ Smart phone power cord/charger?

_____ Playing cards or games for lunch and afternoon break?

_____ Laptop 

Note: Be sure to check that you have all of your items when you leave the camp. We cannot guarantee return of your items and if we do return them, there is a handling fee as well as mailing costs.

If you wish and it is definitely not required, you can bring any articles, evidence, materials you have on your debate topics. Note: all materials produced at the institute will be available to all participants. So, if you bring it, expect everybody to have access to it.




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