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Public Forum Debate Program



Sorry, we are not offering Public Forum Debate at our 2021 Camp.
























Our camp provides outstanding instruction in Public Forum debate.

High School and Middle School

Not Offered at the 2021 Summer Camp


You will focus on the key aspects of Public Forum debate including crossfire, sound argumentation, effective rebuttals, being able to prepare on new topics each month. We will emphasize strong, persuasive speaking. You will work with people who have a strong knowledge of good public debating skills.


At the Climb the Mountain Camp, you will learn step by step. Our philosophy is to help you master each key skill to effective debating. You’ll learn the issues and how to construct a case. Our staff will work with you to prepare and present your case. You’ll get encouraging feedback. You’ll learn and practice how to refute arguments. You’ll continue through each important aspect of effective debating using a 30 year tested method of instruction that has produced National Champions and, most important, has made learning active and fun!


Not a problem. Typically, 60% of the debaters attending our camps come without a partner. We’ll get you a partner at the camp while we work to make you feel comfortable and welcome in our small labs.


At Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Camp, we support you. We know it takes courage to speak and we know the effort you'll put into making your arguments. We understand students who are nervous about speaking; students who have strong opinions that they want to express; and students who want to learn how to organize their thoughts and express them effectively. At Climb the Mountain, we will work one-on-one with you to realize your goals in a supportive environment.


For most of your day, you work in a small lab interacting one-on-one with our staff members. You will NOT get lost in huge labs and lecture halls. Our staff are people who care about working with you to make you the best that you can be.



You will practice each key part of debating one-on-one with a supportive staff member. You'll also engage in multiple debates where you will get the help you need to be effective and the feedback to improve. You will engage in debates with feedback and redos so you improve.

Public Forum Program Schedule


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