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Climb the Mountain
Speech and Debate Camp
Elementary: 8:30am to 11am (finish 11:30am Fri).
Middle School: 11:00am to 3:30pm (finish 5:30pm Fri.)
High School: 9:20am to 3:30pm (finish 5:45pm Fri.)

The Climb Schedules have been carefully designed to maximize your growth as a  debater and based on your request for the program you want.

Note that schedules are subject to changes to assure the best educational experience.

Note: Students are mostly taught in labs and the labs are based on experience level. The instruction will match with student skill level. Further, lab leaders will cover advanced skills appropriate to the lab level each day.

These are the tentative schedules. Our lab leaders usually make small to modest adjustments to the schedule however start and finish times will not change.

Elementary Debate Schedule

Climb Elementary 3/4v3/4 Debate Format

Middle School Debate Schedule

Puget Sound 3 on 3 MS Parli Debate Format

High School Debate Schedule

NSDA National LD Debate Format

Coaches Schedule; you arrange your schedule with our Coach Lab Leader noting that you can attend any of our above program sessions as part of your coach program.


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