Climb Speech & Debate Camp
Why Climb Camp is a good choice for . . .
Everyone--We have 5 years experience with Online Debate Training and Tournaments
We have held afterschool programs, tournaments, and camps online. The Online experience gives the ability to join with others at the camp and improve your skills while you interact with other students just like you would in classes and outside of classes.
You get outstanding coaches who want you to succeed. They will help you find your voice, make you speaker better, and argue more effectively. You follow carefully designed schedules to help you build your skills and to put those skills into practice. You'll also get to meet other students who share your interests. You'll interact with students who are smart, engaged, and who to learn and succeed like you do. You also come out of the camp ready to participate in tournaments and to be an effective communicator in classes and events.
Your camper will get individualized attention so they learn good communication skills and become effective speakers and debaters. Our staff are outstanding teachers and college debaters who are great academic models for your camper to emulate. Students are monitored the entire time with check-in and check-out and small labs that mean they don't get lost in the shuffle--instead, they get attention. Campers go on to success in speech and debate, school, college, careers.
Coaches get to work with experts who can show you the ropes--to start coaching or to take the move from decent coach to outstanding coach. Learn the topics, see advanced skills in action, see how to teach speech and debate step by step. Receive pages and pages of really helpful teaching and topic material. The WSFA has scholarships for WA state coaches.
Coaches sending students
You want your students to succeed. You want to give them a heads up before the busy school season starts. You want them to come back with a positive attitude supportive of what you do as a coach. We work hard to get your students ready for speech and debate events. With small labs, practice drills, learning about traditional and progressive approaches to debate, excellent speaking, and more, our camp offers your students an excellent opportunity at a reasonable price.