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Climb the Mountain

Debate Camp

Climb the Mountain has been at the forefront of online speaking and debating. Jim Hanson has hosted over 40 online debate tournaments and our after school program this entire year has been online. We are ready to provide a great experience.

Join us for an immersive experience!

  • Communicate about important issues.

  • Learn important communication skills. Express yourself. Organize your thoughts. Be more effective in presentations and discussions and when you have your own thoughts on an issue.

  • Finish with the materials, practice with experts, and knowledge of how to be an effective, winning debater.

  • Meet people interested in what you are interested in, learn about important subjects.

  • We offer programs that fit your needs if you have or don't have experience. Join us for fun and learning.

  • Low Cost, Great Staff, Individualized attention

This camp is excellent for...

  • Younger students with no or just a little experience who want to speak well and discuss important issues achieved with step by step, supportive instruction.

  • Students in our afterschool programs who want a more intensive experience and the joy of debate in the summer!

  • Coaches who want to learn effective ways to coach events, judge in the most educational way, and run a program efficiently.

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Why Climb Camp is a good choice for...


We have 5 years experience with Online Debate Training and Tournaments.

We have held afterschool programs, tournaments, and camps online. The Online experience gives the ability to join with others at the camp and improve your skills while you interact with other students just like you would in classes and outside of classes.


Program Dates & Fees


  • Elementary Camp: $239

  • Middle School Camp: $419

  • High School Camp: $529

  • Lower income family?​ Half off and Full fee reduction available.

Fees include:

  • All instruction, debates with feedback, t-shirt (mailed), certificates/awards (mailed), and electronic research and instructional materials for your events.

  • The fees and schedule include an online tournament on Thursday-Friday for Elementary students and Friday for Middle School and High School students.

Program Dates

  • July 19-23, Mon-Fri

    • Elementary 8:45am to 11:00am (Friday goes until 11:30am) FULL-- WAITLISTED

    • Middle School 11:10am to 3:30pm (Friday goes until 5:30pm)

    • High School 9:30am to 3:30pm (Friday goes until 5:30pm) 

  • August 16-20, Mon-Fri

    • Elementary 8:45am to 11:00am (Friday goes until 11:30am)

    • Middle School 11:10am to 3:30pm (Friday goes until 5:30pm) FULL-- WAITLISTED

    • Middle School 11:10am to 3:30pm (Friday goes until 5:30pm)

    • High School 9:30am to 3:30pm (Friday goes until 5:30pm)


See camp schedule details below.


  • ALL STUDENTS IN LOWER INCOME FAMILIES: Climb the Mountain also provides half and full fee reduction for lower income families. Just check the box on the registration form.

  • WASHINGTON STATE COACHES: please contact Jim Hanson as soon as possible for available WSFA scholarships. Jim is at


*We encourage and gladly accept additional contribution from families with higher income to help pay for students who can’t afford the camp. In turn, you help your camper participate in an inclusive group of students, have a tax deduction, and know you are helping a student participate in learning for a better future.

Program Information

High Schoolers do LD Debate: One student debates another student on a value topic (e.g. civil disobedience is justified). For students going into 9th grade or higher and for highly experienced middle schoolers.

Middle Schoolers do Middle School 3 on 3 Parli Debate: Three students debate three students on a variety of middle school friendly current event topics (e.g. "The penny should be ended" and "Middle schoolers should not be allowed to have smart phones"). For students going into 6th, 7th, and 8th grade only.

Elementary Schoolers (4th and 5th grade) do E 3/4 vs 3/4 Debate: Three or Four students debate on a variety of elementary school friendly current event topics (e.g. "Zoos should be banned" and "Elementary students should have longer lunch times"). For students going into 4th and 5th grades only.

Want more clarification on these kinds of debate? Email Jim Hanson and ask at