Climb the Mountain
Debate Program 2021



You will experience camp as it happens--live with our staff and other students. We don't dump a video online and then have you ask us questions over chat. You can ask questions just like in an in-person class. You can talk with other students including in breakout/team rooms. It all happens _live_.

Have a Question? Email Jim Hanson at













You will join us in Zoom.

You'll see our instructor and other students at the camp.

You'll see clear PowerPoint/Slides providing engaging information.

You'll interact with other students in small groups.

You can ask questions. You can share files. 

Practice Debates?


We'll use Zoom, a widely used online program OR Yaatly which is specifically designed for speech and debate tournaments.


You'll see pairings



You'll see a debate that looks close to an in-person debate round. Same with speeches.


You can chat. You can separate out to work as a team preparing.

What about Tech Problems?

We are ready to help. We've worked with 40+ online tournaments and dozens of afterschool programs sessions online. We know the most common problems and we have solutions. We can't guarantee we'll fix everything but we have knowledge and we'll work to help you.

--Must use a Windows/Mac/Chromebook computer

--Must have reliable internet. We recommend 100+mb download speed and 10+mb upload speed.

Test your Internet Speed Here (Click)

--Latency above 100ms? Jitter above 30ms? You may experience connection problems.

--Must have a webcam

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