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Climb After School
Speech & Debate Programs

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Elementary Students Info

Notice: Our Redmond Elementary Debate Program is full. Email Jim Hanson at if you wish to be put on the waiting list.

Notice: Our Redmond MS Debate Program at 7:10pm is  full. The 4pm program still has room.

Middle Schoolers Info

High Schoolers Info

Click the above links for Program Dates, Location (Seattle, Redmond, Online-Zoom), Fees, Instructional Info.


Students who join our program develop self-confidence, thinking skills, and have fun communicating about important issues.


Students work with other motivated, smart kids. They learn to express themselves, organize their thoughts better and meet other students who want to discuss interesting ideas.​


Led by Jim Hanson, one of the most successful speech and debate coaches in the nation. He has extensive and award winning experience teaching speech and debate (Coach of 7 national championship teams, NDT top speaker, CEDA National Champs, NPTE top speaker). He works with a highly qualified staff to provide individualized instruction.


Our students have won dozens of awards, including multiple first places at Puget Sound high school tournaments, the 400+ student middle school tournaments hosted by Seattle University, and the national Climb speech and debate tournaments.



Our individualized learning method (1 instructor with 4 to 8 students) and heavy emphasis on having students put into practice what we cover means students learn actively.


Kids who graduate from the program sessions write better papers, are more knowledgeable about the world, work better with other students, and give better presentations in their classes.


Students really like the fun of exchanging ideas, winning, and learning in an extremely active capacity. See how our program can help your child!




Jim Hanson receives comments nearly every week:


"My daughter LOVES debate."


"My kid looks forward to each week. It is the one program that really engages and lights up his day."


"You've given my son the self confidence he needed. He is now much more social and he can easily express what he is thinking."

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