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Interested in working one on one with students, coaches, schools, students, judges and you live in Washington state?

We encourage you to contribute! We want diverse, positive, and supportive people ready to help our speech and debate community.

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Donating to Climb the Mountain grows the speech and debate community.


Your donation is put into action by making our programs less costly and in particular, provides full and half fee reductions for lower income families; it helps pay for our efforts to do outreach to schools to add and grow speech and debate programs; it makes it possible to achieve Climb the Mountain’s objective:


  • To have as many students participating who are in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges and universities

  • To help coaches provide the best instruction and experience for their students.


Help us Climb the Mountain.

Want to donate?

You can send checks made out to “Climb the Mountain” to:

Donate so that students with financial need can improve their speaking and debating skills in our programs at an affordable price, even no cost. We hope you agree with Climb's strong belief that finances should not stop a student from engaging in speech and debate, learning and engaging in communication skills.

If your want to help us, you can send a check made out to:

Climb the Mountain

7701 Fairway Ave. SE Unit 101

Snoqualmie WA 98065

You can donate online!

We are a Federal and Washington state non-profit corporation.

Climb the Mountain Speech and Debate Foundation has tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Documentation on request.

Since we started, Climb the Mountain has raised over $100,000 in donations and we've used that money to provide opportunities for over 2,000 students.

We are excited about what we can do for the community in the coming year. In Fall 2020, we worked with 220 elementary and middle school students in our afterschool program, helped a high school program in a clinic, ran three college tournaments, supported efforts to begin a greater Seattle urban debate league, and helped Rainier Scholars engage in debate.