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Climb High School Speech and Debate Camp
Topics, Prep before Camp

Preparation before Camp?

  • We encourage students and coaches to check Google /Bing/similar News each day. Reading, watching and listening to news is also helpful.

  • Debaters are welcome to prepare materials prior to coming to camp but are not required to do so.

  • Debaters who bring materials to camp should note: all materials used in camp debates and practices must be available to all other campers.

LD Debate Camp Topic

LD will research, prepare, and debate this Fall 2019 LD topic:

Resolved: Resolved: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified..

Public Forum Debate Camp Topics

Public Forum Debaters will research, prepare, and debate a topic based on the list of topic areas created by the NSDA for 2019-20.

The 2020 Camp Public Forum Topic is:

xx to be announced in late June 2020 xx

Parli 3 on 3 Debate Camp Topics

We will research, prepare, and debate each of the Seattle U tournament topics plus impromptu topics. 

The 2020-21 Seattle U MS 3 on 3 Parli Topics are:

xx to be announced in late June 2020 xx

Congress Camp Topics

Congressional debate will use topics based on the bills advanced by the congress lab leaders and students at the camp. Typically, these topics are changes in U.S. government policy to address salient, current problems


Speech Topics

  • Speech topics depend on the kind of speech students do.

  • Oratory (Persuasive Speaking): Students choose the topic working with their lab leaders. Important social and political issues that a student argues should be addressed.

  • Expos (Informative Speaking):  Students choose the topic working with their lab leaders. Scientific, cultural, historical and other issues and concepts that need further explanation/development.

  • Impromptu: The camp will choose these topics—usually a word (e.g. “Peace”), a quotation (e.g. “All you need is Love” The Beatles) and a question (e.g. “Should we provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented people in the United States?”).

  • Extemp: The camp will choose these topics—questions on current social and political events, e.g. “Should the United States engage in a full military operation against ISIS?”

  • Interpretative Presentations: Students choose pieces of literature (depending on the type of interpretation, poetry, prose-narrative-fictional writing, and/or a play-script). Typically, these pieces address important societal and personal issues—especially ones connected to the student performing the piece.



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