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Climb the Mountain

Speech & Debate Foundation

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About Us

Climb the Mountain is named from Speech and Debate expert Jim Hanson’s motivational speech calling on participants to achieve their very best. Climbing the Mountain is the apex of the effort to be successful in speech and debate—at the highest levels possible and among as many participants as possible.


Climb the Mountain provides direct, individualized support for speech and debate coaches and students mainly in the larger Puget Sound area.

We have afterschool programs, summer camps, clinics for schools, and tournaments. Working for elementary school, middle school, high school, and college and university students and coaches, we hope to help students Climb the Mountain and become the best speakers and debaters they can be.

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Climb the Mountain is dedicated to empowering Speech and Debate Coaches and Students. We seek to increase participation, encourage a supportive community, and seek excellence in competition.

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