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Climb Programs at your School


Programs at your School

Contact Jim Hanson at

to have us do a program at your school.

We provide instruction with preparation on topics and speeches, practice and feedback for your students. We will tailor our program to your school's needs.

We've worked with many programs and helped students get a jump start toward better communication skills and the joy and fun of engaging in speaking and debating.

We've done many programs including Woodridge Elementary, Seattle Country Day School, and Jing Mei School. Have your school do this too!

Our programs go for 6 to 8 classes and last for 1.5 to 2 hours each class period. We keep the instructor to student ratio to 1 to 6 (in some cases, it might be higher or lower). Students engage actively in the material. We want them speaking, arguing, presenting their ideas.

Contact Jim Hanson at to see if we can make a time/day slot work at your school.

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