Climb Clinics


Join us for an immersive experience in communicating better about issues important to you.

Leave with the materials, practice with experts, and knowledge of how to win.

Learn to express yourself; learn to organize your thoughts; meet people interested in what you are interested in, learn about important subjects.

Bellevue Clinic--get your year started right!

We also offer clinics at your location.



To prepare your cases, arguments, speeches, interps

To practice with highly qualified, successful and experienced coaches

To learn about new topics, argument theory, best techniques

Connect with your friends on the circuit


Give good presentations

Give your resume for college a boost

Learn about and advocate for social justice, the law, public policy

Gain confidence and skill

Meet friends that share your interests


Improve your training of students

Be more effective at administrating your team

Get started with ideas, arguments, speeches for your team

Connect with other coaches and resources to support yourself and your students


Email Jim Hanson at to schedule a clinic at your school.

Clinics need to be scheduled at least 10 days in advance (so we can prepare and have appropriate staff).

Clinics can be 2 to 5 hours long. For those wanting instruction on the next month's PF topic, the clinic would need to happen on the 7th or later. If you want LD or Policy-CX, we are ready to go on the 1st. Speeches/Interp/Middle School debate clinics can happen at any time.


Our outstanding staff will work with you. We try to keep these individualized with approximately a 4 to 6 student to 1 staff member ratio. Our staff members are all highly qualified speakers and debaters who excel at their craft.

Each clinic will have its own staff. Here are our Climb the Mountain Instructors


We have limited days available but talk with Jim. We can schedule Afternoon-evening, Saturday midday/afternoon, and Sunday midday/afternoon Clinics. Minimum of 4 people in an event. Minimum of 2 hours. $8 per hour per student. Eg. 4 hour clinic, $32 per student.

The fee includes a snack (2 or 3 hours) or pizza and salad meal (4 to 5 hours), materials (evidence, cuttings, speech ideas, teacher-judging handouts), and all instruction and practice help, feedback and support.

A student can’t afford the fee? Just tell us—we will waive the fee. Money should NOT stop your participation.

Clinic Schedule

Prior to the Clinic—we will send you materials for your speech and debate preparation.
Climb the Mountain provides evidence on the debate topics and ideas for speech topics/cuttings.

During the Clinic--Preparation – instruction and work on cases/pieces/cuttings in your area; Snack or Pizza breaks

During the Clinic--Practice – speaking and debating with feedback and redos so you improve (Coach-judges engage in providing feedback/judging in a guided format).

Clinic Programs

Choose the program that best fits your school’s needs:

Tell us what level participants are (novice, junior, experienced, national circuit)


Middle School Debate

HS Policy-CX Debate

HS LD Debate

HS Public Forum Debate

HS Congress Debate

IEs Manuscript Speaking: Oratory (Persuasive) and Expos (Informative)

IE Limited Prep Speaking: Extemporaneous and Impromptu

IE Interp Performance: Dramatic, Humorous, Dual, Interp Reading

* note that we need 4 students in a program and programs are subject to qualified staff availability.

Interested in a Clinic for your school?

Email Jim Hanson at to schedule a clinic at your school.

Clinics need to be scheduled at least 10 days in advance.

We are ready to host a clinic at your school. We’ll prepare students and have them presenting speeches and engaging in debates with feedback. Contact Jim Hanson at

Interested in volunteering or working at a Clinic at your School?

Join us! Email Jim Hanson at and he’ll provide you with an application. The application takes about 20 minutes to complete and a background and reference check are done. If you have experience, you are interested in giving back to the community, we want you to apply!

Clinics we’ve hosted

  • Blaine School Winter 2019

  • BC Academy Fall and Spring 2018

  • Kent Meridian, Spring 2017 and 2018

  • Bush School, Spring 2018

  • Bethel HS, Spring 2017

  • Roosevelt HS, January 2017
  • BC Academy, Fall and Spring 2015-2017

  • Eastlake HS, Fall and Spring 2015-2017

  • Cascade HS, November and December 2016

  • Bellevue Clinic, October 2016

  • Mt Si HS, Fall, Spring 2015-2016

  • Orcas Island, August 2015

  • Clinic held at Trinity Lutheran, April 2015

  • Shorecrest HS Practice Session, February 2015

  • Kingston Clinic, January 2015

  • Eastmont (Wenatchee) Clinic, December 2014

  • Shorecrest HS Practice Session, December 2014

  • Bellevue Clinic, October 2014